04 January 2012

Performance for 2011


Dear you,

every end of the year..mcm biasa..appraisal time..lalllaaallala~~
one of my frend said..we should be faked to do assessment
is it????
dun noe...it's depend

 ii rate my self average je..biasa2
kang klo letak tinggi2..skali xperform..cam ner???
coz ii know....my boss know me very well...;p

 ii do like my division..seriusly oke!!becoz of the environment & staff..we bond together ;D
sumore, i so generous oke..no bad things i wrote bout my company...hahahahahahah
(padahal cuak klo kantoi ngan management)

"Dear boss...kindly be generous to me tooooo...heheheh"

ms insiyur


  1. can I fill the HR part?? hehe.. cause that's my task right now until I need to stay late at the office. need to check, review and of course to prepare other related documentation...

  2. i think it all about procedures..to comply ISO~~