16 January 2013

Pacu Laju2


Dear you,

how your starting month of 2013???
for me..i'm damn busy^^
december was a month of relax coz ramai yg went for longg holiday, so less ppl chasing for me
suddenly..january terus kena masuk gear 5...kena pacu laju2
kena plak satu projek fast track tue..nk tender by this April..serius giLer!!!tak paham tak paham
seKUMAN design pun tak buat lagi..apa yang nak ditenderkan
meeting hari2..komen pun bley tahan masing2...dah tue bila layout nak finalised..apa yang nak ditenderkan

sometimes..ppl who not deal with drawings,designs,authorities submission & etc..doesn't know how the feeling of ppl like us who deal with it..the process&flow, its miserable
Waaaa..help2..need extra oxygen..(boleh ke nak extra2..bkn every time consume sama je ke??)

oke..yg penting njoyzzz!!!!
let rockin together^^


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