26 September 2012

Tree Planting


Dear You,

lama sudah tak berblogging..rindu sama kamu ;p
apa boley buat...super bz + malas pun ye gak coz tak de idea nak mengarut ;D

oke2..ini cerita last wekend
for the first time..i'm plant a tree..its fun!!!!
since Minco is celebrating it 50th anniversary this year...this is our CSR project, we contribute 50 bags of tree to be planted, why 50?? is is symbolic to the age of Minco..it is same sort of volunteer activities 
3 locations have been chosen...
the 1st place is Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam a.k.a Bukit Cherakah
it a nice place to visit..rasa mcm jakun bila g sana..serius oke!!!

ms insiyur

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