28 September 2011

ada ape dgn R.A.B.U???


Dear you,

oke..its Wednesday already..middle of the week
ii on-air from ofis....wihhuuu~
hati byk senang lorrr
bukan sebab menang loteri oke!!

coz normally ii sgt2 takut..berdebor2 nk tgu rabu
bcoz of the "DESIGN ISSUE MEETING"..with contractor&PMC..seyes scary oke!!
dari pg sure dh prepare mcm2 tok attend that meeting
tp,tdk lg slps ini(..perhaps..) coz at least byk design issue for my part dh closed
horeyyy..suke22 ;))
problems solved!!

critical thinking...think outside the box

lepas nie bley g that meting dgn penuh relax..~*~


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